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2010-05-29 08:01 pm
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Hello, this is Oslo calling

Here we are again. I expect (hope) [ profile] pookee is also typing along. I suggest two windows. Also, for one night only, this entry is public. (for the duration of the songs)

Here comes the cut to save your space... )

Ok then, I'll leave you to the voting. It'll be too depressing to comment on. Enjoy the rest of your evening.
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2009-02-18 01:18 pm
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Bring it on!

7th June, 2.30pm....
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2007-04-03 11:13 am

Me? Politics?

Sign this. It was even in the Indy yesterday.
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2007-03-11 01:30 pm
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Following the trend

I'm going "friends only" (assuming I've managed to type the right thing into the admin console). On the off-chance there is anyone lurking around the place who still wants to read my wafflings and who isn't already listed as one of my friends, please comment on this and I'll sort it out.